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Gambling review

Tell us about your experience of affordability checks

The Gambling Commission has today launched its consultation into financial risk checks (better known as affordability checks). In the build-up to the government's white paper, which revealed its proposals for gambling reform in April, the Racing Post revealed how thousands of punters were already being subject to affordability checks, including highly intrusive requests for financial information such as bank statements.

The white paper proposed two thresholds for checks. The first is a 'moderate loss threshold' at either £125 net loss in a rolling month period or £500 net loss within a rolling year period. At this point indicators of 'financial vulnerability' such as county court judgements, average postcode affluence and bankruptcies will be checked.

The second check will be triggered by what the white paper described as 'binge gambling', a net £1,000 loss in a 24-hour period (or a £2,000 net loss threshold within a 90-day period), and will entail an 'enhanced spending check'.

The Racing Post wants to hear from you. What has been your experience of affordability checks since the white paper was published at the end of April, and what do you think of the government's proposals? Have affordability checks affected your betting behaviour?

It's a chance for your voice to be heard. Email the Racing Post at with the subject 'Affordability checks' to share your experiences, your thoughts about the government's proposals, and your contact details.

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Published on 26 July 2023Last updated 14:41, 26 July 2023