National hunt jumps or flat racing?

There are two types of horseracing discipline, National hunt and flat.

National hunt flat

National hunt flat racing is designed for three year old horses who have never raced over obstacles in their career. It is designed to give horses course experience without the hurdles and fences in place. This is usually the first of three stages in National hunt racing.



National hunt

National hunt racing, commonly referred to as ‘jumps’ racing, is a form of horseracing staged over obstacles. Thoroughbred racehorses are required to navigate a course of obstacles ranging from two miles to four and a half miles.┬áNational hunt racing is split into 2 main disciplines; Hurdles and Steeplechases. Racing over hurdles is traditionally for younger horses, with obstacles no bigger than three and a half feet tall. When a horse ages and matures, they are eligible to race over fences in Steeplechase races. Steeplechase racing is similar to that of hurdles racing, however, obstacles can be up to four and a half feet tall. The usual racing career of a horse will begin with a National Hunt Flat race before tackling hurdles, then progressing to steeplechases.




National hunt flat



Flat racing