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Paul Nicholls

Ditcheat, Somerset
RTF 55% Horses running to form in last 14 days

GB jumps last 5 seasons Apr 2012 - Apr 2017

  • W R % P winners / horses total earnings £1 Stake best in category rpr
    NHF 36 166 22 51 36/103 £168,833 -17.76 Sam Winner 136
    Hurdle 325 1365 24 356 325/295 £5,189,873 -158.54 Big Buck's 175
    Chase 304 1364 22 261 304/196 £7,657,583 -140.81 Silviniaco Conti 176

Last 14 days

Wins: 19 Runs: 58 (33%)
Date Crs. Crs / Class / Type Course / Conditions / Prize Pos. Finishing dist / Horse / HDGR SP Jockey RPR Diff
28Apr 28Apr17 Hun 2m½fGd C4NvCh 4K 2/3 btn 16L, Marracudja ht 11/10 S Twiston-Davies
28Apr 28Apr17 Chp 2m3½fGF C3HcCh 6K 3/4 btn 1¾L, Orbasa t 7/2 Jordan Williams
28Apr 28Apr17 Chp 2m3½fGF C4NvH 4K 1/3 by dht, Peak To Peak 2/1 H Cobden
28Apr 28Apr17 Hun 2mGd C5MdH 2K 6/9 btn 25L, Azari t 11/2 S Twiston-Davies
28Apr 28Apr17 Pun 2m5fGd/Y NvHcCh 51K PU/15 Le Prezien t 7/1 M P Walsh
27Apr 27Apr17 Tau 3m4½fGF C3HcCh 8K PU/4 Boa Island tp 5/2 S Twiston-Davies
27Apr 27Apr17 Tau 2m3fGF C3HcH 6K 2/6 btn 2¼L, Volpone Jelois p 2/1 S Twiston-Davies
26Apr 26Apr17 Exe 2m7fGd C4NvH 4K 1/3 by 1L, Captain Buck's t 7/4 S Twiston-Davies 114 -4
26Apr 26Apr17 Exe 2m7fGd C4NvH 4K 2/3 btn 1L, Rouge Devils b 10/1 Mr L Williams 124 0
26Apr 26Apr17 Exe 2m2½fGd C5MdH 3K UR/5 Azari t 9/4 S Twiston-Davies
24Apr 24Apr17 War 2mGd C2NvHcCh 16K 3/5 btn 6L, Contre Tous t 4/1 S Bowen 131 0
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 1m7½fGF C6NHF 2K 2/3 btn 2¼L, Dark Invader 2/5F S Twiston-Davies 92 8
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 1m7½fGF C4NvH 4K 1/4 by 9L, Capitaine 1/14F S Twiston-Davies 128 -14
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 2m4fGF C4HcH 6K PU/5 Bistouri D'Honore 11/4 Capt G Disney
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 2m4fGF C3HcCh 13K 3/4 btn 14½L, Orbasa tb 5/4F S Twiston-Davies 128 -11
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 2m5½fGF C3HcH 6K 1/4 by 1¼L, San Satiro EvensF H Cobden 128 9
23Apr 23Apr17 Wcn 2m4fGF C4NvH 4K 1/2 by dht, Dreamcatching 2/11F S Sheppard 108 -6
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2mGS C3NHF 6K 10/12 btn 40L, Cap St Vincent 13/2 S Twiston-Davies 73
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2m4½fGS C3HcH 10K 6/10 btn 13½L, Touch Kick ht 7/2F Mr L Williams 117 -10
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2m5½fGS C2HcH 13K 6/10 btn 9½L, Connetable p 12/1 S Twiston-Davies 138 -1
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 4mGd C1HcChG3 122K 1/30 by nk, Vicente h 9/1J S Twiston-Davies 158 -1
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 4mGd C1HcChG3 122K PU/30 Arpege D'Alene tb 10/1 S Bowen
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 4mGd C1HcChG3 122K PU/30 Vivaldi Collonges t 33/1 H Cobden
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 1m7½fGd C1HcChL 23K 2/10 btn 5L, Romain De Senam ht 11/2 S Twiston-Davies 141 0
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2mGS C1HcHG2 60K 2/16 btn shd, Zubayr 12/1 S Twiston-Davies 144 0
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2mGS C1HcHG2 60K 6/16 btn 4½L, Tommy Silver 7/1 S Sheppard 143 -4
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 2m4½fGd C1NvChG2 26K 4/5 btn 6L, Clan Des Obeaux 9/4 S Twiston-Davies 152 -2
22Apr 22Apr17 Ayr 3m½fGd C2NvHcCh 16K 9/12 btn 30L, Keltus t 6/1 S Twiston-Davies 117 -26
21Apr 21Apr17 Ayr 3m½fGS C2HcH 16K PU/13 Jessber's Dream tb 9/1 S Twiston-Davies
21Apr 21Apr17 Ayr 2m4½fGS C1HcChL 28K 5/8 btn 27L, Warriors Tale t 7/2 S Bowen 126 -22
21Apr 21Apr17 Fon 2m5fGd C3HcCh 6K 3/3 btn 6¼L, Alcala ht EvensF N Scholfield 140 0
21Apr 21Apr17 Ayr 3m½fGS C3NvHcH 8K 1/11 by 1½L, Winningtry 5/1J S Twiston-Davies 124 4
21Apr 21Apr17 Fon 2m5½fGd C4NvH 4K 1/2 by 23L, Pilansberg b 1/25F H Cobden 106 -27
21Apr 21Apr17 Fon 3m1½fGd C4NvCh 4K 1/3 by dht, Southfield Vic b 11/8F Mr L Williams 150 7
21Apr 21Apr17 Ayr 2m4½fGS C3NvH 6K 1/6 by 3½L, Give Me A Copper t 9/4 S Twiston-Davies 141 2
20Apr 20Apr17 Tau 2m3fGF C4NvH 6K PU/3 Garo De Juilley ht 7/4 N Scholfield
20Apr 20Apr17 Chl 3m2fGd C2HcCh 13K 6/8 btn 44L, Virak p 11/2 Miss B Frost 111 -42
20Apr 20Apr17 Chl 2m5fGd C1NvHcChL 23K 4/5 btn 15½L, Antartica De Thaix ht 9/4F S Twiston-Davies 142 -11
20Apr 20Apr17 Chl 2m4½fGd C1NvHL 11K PU/7 Coillte Lass t 6/1 S Twiston-Davies
19Apr 19Apr17 Chl 2m½fGd C2NvCh 15K 2/4 btn ½L, Marracudja ht 8/11F S Twiston-Davies 129 -21
19Apr 19Apr17 Chl 3m4fGd C3HcCh 8K 6/10 btn 48L, Port Melon p 14/1 Mr D Maxwell 100 -43
19Apr 19Apr17 Chl 2m5fGd C1HcChG2 28K 7/10 btn 36L, Art Mauresque 8/1 N Scholfield 126 -31
19Apr 19Apr17 Chl 2m4½fGd C2NvH 10K 4/5 btn 16L, Coastal Tiep p 9/2 S Twiston-Davies 125 -12
18Apr 18Apr17 Exe 2m2½fGF C5MdH 3K 1/6 by 8L, Trevisani 1/7F H Cobden 96 -6
18Apr 18Apr17 Lud 3mGd C3NvHcCh 7K 1/4 by 2½L, Alcala ht 6/5F S Twiston-Davies 141 6
18Apr 18Apr17 Exe 2m7fGF C3NvHcH 6K 1/1 San Satiro H Cobden
18Apr 18Apr17 Kem 2m4½fGd C5HntCh 3K 2/4 btn 21L, Ceasar Milan tp 1/2F Mr L Williams 109 -13
18Apr 18Apr17 Exe 2m5½fGF C4NvH 4K 1/3 by 6L, Rouge Devils p 1/6F H Cobden 108 -12
18Apr 18Apr17 Kem 2m5fGd C4NvH 4K 3/8 btn 13½L, Gibbes Bay 13/8F S Bowen 106 -5
17Apr 17Apr17 Chp 2mGd C6NHF 2K 1/7 by 13L, If You Say Run t 6/4F S Twiston-Davies 118
17Apr 17Apr17 Plu 2m1fGF C3HcCh 13K 4/4 btn 19L, Lou Vert ht 5/4F J Sherwood 112 -13
17Apr 17Apr17 Chp 2mGd C2HcCh 16K 5/5 btn 33L, Ulck Du Lin tb 8/1 Miss B Frost 117 -24
17Apr 17Apr17 Chp 2mGd C4NvH 4K 1/4 by 2¼L, Dolos t 1/14F S Twiston-Davies 98 -31
16Apr 16Apr17 Plu 2mGF C2HcH 22K 1/9 by 9L, Tommy Silver 100/30F S Sheppard 147 6
16Apr 16Apr17 Plu 2m4½fGF C4NvH 3K 1/4 by 2¼L, Peak To Peak 1/2F H Cobden 114 -8
15Apr 15Apr17 Nab 3m2fGF C6HntCh 1K 5/6 btn 27L, Mon Parrain tb EvensF Mr D Maxwell 111 -33
15Apr 15Apr17 Nab 2m1fGF C4NvH 5K 1/6 by 14L, Amour De Nuit 1/8F S Twiston-Davies 119 -10
15Apr 15Apr17 Nab 2m5fGF C2HcCh 12K 2/6 btn 2½L, Orbasa tb 5/2F S Twiston-Davies 136 -6
DIFF is the difference between the RPR the horse recorded and their expected RPR