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L Viel

RTF 0% Horses running to form in last 14 days

Last 14 days

Wins: 0 Runs: 7 (0%)
Date Crs. Crs / Class / Type Course / Conditions / Prize Pos. Finishing dist / Horse / HDGR SP Jockey RPR Diff
23Apr 23Apr17 Sai 1m2½fGd Hc 9K 12/18 btn 11L, Etole D'Anjou 148/10 M Guyon 34
22Apr 22Apr17 Com 2m3fVSft Ch 9K PU/7 Nisaro De Cimbre 71/10 Mr G Viel
21Apr 21Apr17 Aut 2m1½fVSft Ch 23K 5/5 btn 25L, Celtior 204/10 A Duchene 93
21Apr 21Apr17 Aut 2m1½fVSft Ch 23K 3/5 btn 10½L, Saint Anjou 8/1 O Jouin 110
21Apr 21Apr17 Aut 2m7½fVSft ChL 41K 7/8 btn 32L, Vicomte D'Anjou b 32/1 O Jouin 108
17Apr 17Apr17 Aut 2m1½fVSft 4yH 20K 5/11 btn 17L, Dorcalin 164/10 O Jouin 109
17Apr 17Apr17 Aut 2m7½fVSft HcChG3 87K PU/19 Vicomte D'Anjou b 151/10 O Jouin
DIFF is the difference between the RPR the horse recorded and their expected RPR