Albert Bartlett Odds 2022

Latest odds for the Albert Bartlett at the Cheltenham Festival

14:50 Cheltenham Festival
Fri Mar 18 2022
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Compare the odds for all the runners in the Albert Bartlett on the final day of the Cheltenham Festival. Some bookmakers offer different odds and unique offers so look out for the offer icons under the bookmaker logos. The Albert Bartlett favourite is Thyme Hill which means bookmakers and punters alike think he has the best chance. However, you may want to look for an each-way alternative at bigger odds, which is where the Albert Bartlett odds comparison comes in handy.

Falcon Eight
Idas Boy
Green Book
Stag Horn
Good Time Jonny
Eric Bloodaxe
Bardenstown Lad
Mahler Mission
Where It All Began
Classic Getaway
The Nice Guy
Minella Cocooner
The Real Whacker
Odds ShorteningOdds Lengthening

The Albert Bartlett odds comparison grid is simple and easy to use. All the runners are listed down the left, whilst each bookmaker is presented across the top. The odds box that crosses the horse and the bookmaker, is the odds that bookmaker is offering on that specific horse.

The odds that have a bold number indicate the best price available for that horse in the Albert Bartlett. The odds boxes are coloured red and blue to indicate whether a horse is being supported or not. The red boxes show a drift in price, which means the odds are getting bigger as less punters are betting on that horse. In contrast, the blue box shows when the odds are contracting, indicating the horse is being supported in the betting.

Underneath the bookmaker logo, are the offers available for the Albert Bartlett by that bookmaker. Some bookmakers offer more places for each way bets, or money back specials if your horse finishes second, so it’s always worth checking and comparing before placing your bet.