Grand National Sweepstake 2023

Get ready for the Grand National with the Racing Post Grand National Sweepstake Kit. Whether you’re playing with friends or organising the office sweepstake, it’s far easier to use our automated generator to allocate runners to each participant.

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If there are more horses than you have players, each player will get more horses. e.g. if there are 10 players and 40 horses, each player gets 4 horses. This means, depending on the size of your group, some players may get more horses than others.

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The Grand National Sweepstake

The Grand National is the most famous horse race on earth. Each year, 40 horses and their jockeys take on a 4-mile-514-yard course containing 30 obstacles in a bid to win £500k. Enjoy the race with friends and colleagues using the Racing Post’s free Grand National Sweepstake generator.

Simply enter the player names into the generator and we’ll automatically assign every player with a horse. If there are fewer than 40 participants, you will be assigned multiple horses so that there is a guaranteed winner.

What is a Grand National Sweepstake Kit?

A sweepstake kit is a tool used to divide up the 40 runners in the Grand National equally by the number of participants. Typically, there will be 40 participants in the Grand National sweepstake, and each participant will be assigned a horse. The participant with the winning horse wins the sweepstake.

If you're playing with friends or colleagues at work, you may decide to place a bet on the sweepstake (£1 per entry for example), and the winner of the sweepstake will win the pot (£40). If you do not have 40 participants, usually the sweepstake is opened up to allow for multiple entries per person (2 entries = £2) and if either of those horses win the Grand National, that person will win the pot.

How to use the Grand National Sweepstake Generator

1. Recruit players

Whether you’re playing with friends or colleagues at work, you need to recruit players for the sweepstake. Keep a note of how many people are entering the sweepstake and collect any entry fees if you are playing for money.

2. Enter your details

Enter your name and email address into the generator so we can email you the final sweepstake. Be sure to opt-in to Racing Post communications to receive your confirmation.

3. Enter player names

Input the player names into the generator (max 40) and click generate to automatically assign each player to a horse running in the Grand National. Remember, if you have some players that have entered twice, their names should be entered twice.

4. Share the sweepstake results

Once you receive your sweepstake by email, share it with the other players before the Grand National on Saturday 9th April. This way your players know who to cheer for!