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Racehorse trainer Marco Botti

Marco Botti: trains horse that has tested positive

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Newmarket on high alert over strangles positive

NEWMARKET is on high alert after a case of the potentially fatal horse disease strangles was confirmed in one of Marco Botti's team who had recently returned from appearing at the Dubai World Cup Carnival. 

The horse in question has been moved to an isolation yard, while two other horses who shared the same flight from the UAE are being monitored at Botti's second yard at the foot of the famous Warren Hill training grounds. They were reported to be showing no signs of being affected.

Botti said on Monday: "All three horses came back on the same flight and we took one straight to a pre-training yard after he tested positive for strangles, and he has since been moved to an isolation yard out of town.

"We didn't want to take any chances with him and are monitoring the other two at our second yard, the White Stable. Their first tests have both proved negative and we are taking precautions by only exercising them in the afternoons as it's not fair on the other trainers if they go out normally.

"At the moment our main yard at Prestige Place is not affected and we are able to run horses and operate as normal."

Commenting on the first outbreak of strangles in the town since 2009, Mark Tompkins, chairman of the Newmarket Trainers Federation, said: "I've only just heard about it and hopefully the vets have caught it in time as it's a horrible disease which is so easily spread.

"Trainers should be very aware about this outbreak of a disease which can shut racing down  It's all very well having all this international racing but with no quarantine for some places this is what can happen. I would hope all the horses in Marco's yard are being tested."

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