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Hull stadium: will close its doors for good after Saturday's meeting

  PICTURE: Steve Nash  

Hull to close Saturday

SATURDAY's meeting (June 17) will be the last at Hull after a surprise announcement that the track is to close.

The track reverted from a two-meeting a week schedule to one – every Saturday –  but, as racing manager Mick Smith stated: "We've continued to lose money and Dave Marshall (promoter) has pulled the plug.

"We wanted to put on a carvery and all sorts of things to try to make some money, but we had no support at all from the GBGB and that, plus a lack of paying punters, was what's killed us.

"We tried everything else we could from a marketing point of view, but there's no other option but closure.

"I'll be ringing all our trainers today to let them know, but would like to reassure everyone that they will be paid what they're owed.

"When I came here I hoped we could build the business up and was expecting to stay her until the end of my working days. I've been in the game for 40 years, and hopefully something else will come along."

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