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Monday, 17 December, 2018

Opening par four could be the toughest of the Masters

Your complete guide to all 18 holes at Augusta National

The front bunker is not the worst place to be on the 12th at Augusta National
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1 Tea Olive
445 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 1st hardest (4.462) 
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 18; pars: 152; bogeys: 99; double bogeys or worse: 23.

The fairway is flanked by trees with a deep bunker to the right, so the choice is a 300-yard-plus tee shot to clear the hazards or a tricky uphill second shot to the undulating green. A tough start.

2 Pink Dogwood
575 yards, par 5 
2017 rank: 17 (4.671)
2017 stats – eagles: 7; birdies: 117; pars: 134; bogeys: 33; double bogeys or worse: 1. 

After a difficult opener, this is a good early birdie chance and a slight draw off the tee offers a decent opportunity to reach the green in two. Tricky bunkers in front of the green can come into play.

3 Flowering Peach
350 yards, par 4 
2017 rank: 8= (4.188)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 40; pars: 164; bogeys: 81; double bogeys or worse: 7. 

A pear-shaped green with a steep slope in front makes this a tricky putting test. Avoiding bunkers to the left of the fairway is key and if players can do that this hole presents a decent birdie chance.

4 Flowering Crabapple
240 yards, par 3
2017 rank: 6 (3.202) 
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 22; pars: 191; bogeys: 77; double bogeys or worse: 2. 

By far the toughest of the par threes. A long tee shot is required to reach the green, which slopes from back to front, and two bunkers have to be avoided. A par is never a disgrace.

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5 Magnolia
455 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 5 (4.212) 
2017 stats – eagles: 1; birdies: 21; pars: 188; bogeys: 79; double bogeys or worse: 3. 

A carry of more than 300 yards is required to avoid the deep bunkers on the left of the dogleg fairway. The humped green slopes from the front, while anything long finds a bunker.

6 Juniper
180 yards, par 3
2017 rank: 11 (3.154) 
2016 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 31; pars: 188; bogeys: 70; double bogeys or worse: 3. 

A good approach on this gentle downhill par three can provide a birdie opportunity, but the green slopes heavily to the right so finding the dancefloor is only half the battle.

7 Pampas
450 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 10 (4.158) 
2017 stats – eagles: 2; birdies: 30; pars: 186; bogeys: 68; double bogeys or worse: 6. 

No hole on the course has more than this one’s five greenside bunkers. New trees have narrowed the fairway over the years but expect plenty of players to take a chance and still hit a driver off the tee.

8 Yellow Jasmine
570 yards, par 5
2017 rank: 16 (4.753) 
2017 stats – eagles: 1; birdies: 90; pars: 181; bogeys: 20; double bogeys or worse: 0. 

A large fairway bunker limits the opportunity to reach the green in two, and anyone going for it will have to hit a blind second up the hill. An accurate three-shot approach can still provide a birdie opportunity.

9 Carolina Cherry
460 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 14 (4.017) 
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 48; pars: 195; bogeys: 45; double bogeys or worse: 4. 

A birdie is a great score as a sloping green is difficult to tackle. The approach cannot be short. Otherwise, the ball can roll off the green and continue down for 50 yards or more.

10 Camelia 
495 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 8= (4.188)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 30; pars: 184; bogeys: 71; double bogeys or worse: 7. 

Dangers lurk on both sides of the dogleg fairway. Trees can cause difficulties on the left, while anything too far right leaves a long approach.

11 White Dogwood
505 yards, par 4 
2017 rank: 2 (4.313)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 14; pars: 170; bogeys: 96; double bogeys or worse: 12. 

The start of Amen Corner. A slight fade off the tee gives players the best chance of avoiding a bogey, while the pond to the left of the green is likely to claim a few victims. Par is a good score.

12 Golden Bell
155 yards, par 3 
2017 rank: 4 (3.233)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 24; pars: 196; bogeys: 57; double bogeys or worse: 15. 

One of the toughest par threes in the game. Rae’s Creek comes into play at the front but going long can be equally as devastating. Players could do a lot worse than finding the bunker just in front of the green. A forum for drama.

13 Azalea
510 yards, par 5 
2017 rank: 18 (4.63)
2017 stats – eagles: 6; birdies: 128; pars: 131; bogeys: 22; double bogeys or worse: 5.

Amen Corner closes with this massive dogleg left. Rae’s Creek runs down the left of a sloping fairway while trees hug the right. The creek runs short of the green which is further guarded by a host of bunkers at the back.

14 Chinese Fir
440 yards, par 4
2017 rank: 12 (4.134) 
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 40; pars: 181; bogeys: 63; double bogeys or worse: 8. 

The only hole with no bunkers. Trees guard both sides of the fairway, which slopes to the right and may lead to trouble. The sloping green should provoke plenty of three-putts.

15 Firethorn
530 yards, par 5
2017 rank: 15 (4.935) 
2017 stats – eagles: 5; birdies: 85; pars: 149; bogeys: 39; double bogeys or worse: 14.

Birdies and eagles await those who overcome the challenge of reaching the green in two. The green is guarded by a pond and a bunker.

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16 Redbud
170 yards, par 3
2016 rank: 12 (3.11) 
2016 stats – eagles: 1; birdies: 43; pars: 175; bogeys: 69; double bogeys or worse: 4. 

Pin position is crucial as the treacherous green slopes towards a pond on the left, while the back bunker is also a hazard. It is important to avoid a downhill putt, although the final-day placement is accessible and Matt Kuchar scored a hole-in-one there last year.

17 Nandina
440 yards, par 4 
2017 rank: 7 (4.192)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 25; pars: 192; bogeys: 69; double bogeys or worse: 6. 

Most players should be able to reach the green using a medium or short iron for their second shot. The putting surface is the main challenge and a two-putt cannot be guaranteed.

18 Holly
465 yards, par 4 
2017 rank: 6 (4.274)
2017 stats – eagles: 0; birdies: 37; pars: 156; bogeys: 83; double bogeys or worse: 16.

Accuracy off the tee is a necessity as the narrow and uphill dogleg fairway has trouble on both sides. It takes a drive of 335 yards to carry the bunker on the left. An elevated green has sand all around and provides a daunting finish.

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