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Erin Hills set-up should provide a difficult test

A general view of the 9th green at Erin Hills
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1 560 yards, par 5
There is wetland down the left that has to be avoided and the fairway slopes in that ­direction. Bunkers 50 yards from the green are on hand to snap up any errant attempts at reaching the green in two, so it ­represents a tricky start.

2 338 yards, par 4
Players are unable to see the left side of the fairway but that line makes the pitch into the smallest green on the course a lot easier. It is still a tricky ­target to hit, especially if ­anyone takes it on from the tee.

3 508 yards, par 4
Again, wetland has to be ­avoided from the tee and ­bunkers on each side of the fairway have to be negotiated. Anyone under-clubbing with their approach risks falling into the central bunker just short of the green.

4 439 yards, par 4
Avoiding the rough on the left is imperative and ­landing in the bunker that juts into the ­fairway from the right is ­equally undesirable. A ­demanding approach shot will have to avoid the front bunker and the wetlands that lie in wait for anything too long.

5 505 yards, par 4
This hole is set to play ­downwind and a generous green should encourage players to aim for the flag.

6 208 yards, par 3
The first par three should not provide many problems as there is little defending the green, but precision will be ­required if the pin is closer to the tee as the green slopes away after a false front.

7 607 yards, par 5
Despite the long length, ­accuracy is of paramount ­importance on a hole guarded by 14 bunkers. A prominent ridge on the putting surface means that approaches will be difficult to evaluate.

8 492 yards, par 4
A right-to-left dogleg with a fairway that slopes in the ­opposite direction. A high ­approach will be needed to avoid the front bunkers and ­attack the shallow green.

9 135 yards, par 3
An elevated tee exposes ­players to the wind and the green slopes from left to right. A treacherous bunker waits for those who go long and left.

10 504 yards, par 4
The fairway is wide enough to encourage a big hit even though it cannot be seen from the tee. The green is ­heavily bunkered to the right and drives need to go down the hill to enable a decent approach.

11 460 yards, par 4
Players should be able to find the fairway and from then on it should require just a pitch to find the green that slopes from left to right.

12 464 yards, par 4
It will be crucial to reach a ­plateau on the undulating ­fairway. Those taking a chance can head down the right and give themselves just a pitch into the green.

13 193 yards, par 3
Anything too far left will find the bunker and a swale on the green can send the ball in that ­direction. A large fall away on the right means the green ­cannot be missed on that side.

14 594 yards, par 5
Laying up means an awkward blind third shot into the green, but thick rough short of the target lies in wait for anyone taking a gamble.

15 357 yards, par 4
Deep bunkers guard the ­elevated green on this short par four and the two-tiered ­putting surface means there is still plenty of work to do in the ­closing stages of the hole.

16 183 yards, par 3
The hill would kick ball down the left on to the green but it is guarded by bunkers on that side which cannot be seen from the tee. It would be much better to head right, although there is also sand on that side to be avoided.

17 509 yards, par 4
A drive down the right will give players the best approach as they will have a better view of the green. An approach from the left is virtually blind. There are no greenside bunkers but the undulating terrain provides its own challenges.

18 637 yards, par 5
The longest hole on the course requires a second shot down the right as aiming towards the green brings the rough into play. A cluster of bunkers will have to be avoided on the ­approach, but there is a closely mown area to the left of the green that could provide plenty of problems.

Laying up means an awkward blind third shot into the green, but thick rough short of the target lies in wait for anyone taking a gamble
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