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Sunday, 09 December, 2018

'You don't get anything for nothing and this reminds me to go harder next time'

Danny Mullins reveals the soundtrack to his life as a jockey

Danny Mullins: from Avicii to The Cure, the jockey lists his top tracks
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When I'm getting psyched for a race I listen to . . . Just Like Heaven by The Cure

A friend of mine, Kieran Stokes, was playing it when we were driving into the races for the American Grand National [in 2017] and we both had winners on the day. It’s a great song to get you fired up for a race.

When I'm celebrating a winner I listen to . . . Wake Me Up by Avicii

It's a great tune and reminds me to keep living the dream. It's a great upbeat song – especially when you’re sitting back and you're pleased with yourself, it's perfect for that.

When I'm annoyed about a loser I listen to . . . You Get What You Give by New Radicals

If you haven't won anything on the day you have to work harder because, as the song says, you only get what you give. You don't get anything for nothing in this game and it always reminds me to get up and go harder the next time.

When I'm stuck in traffic I listen to . . . Anywhere by Rita Ora

It's probably worse for British jockeys but we get quite a bit of traffic here in Ireland too. I always listen to upbeat music on the way to races and this song seems fitting. As it says, you'd rather be anywhere than stuck in traffic.

When I'm relaxing at home I listen to . . . Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

It's the perfect relaxing song to chill out to at home. I'm one of the lucky people whose dream of becoming a jockey came true so I play this when I sit back and enjoy it happening, because it doesn't last forever.

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I’m one of the lucky people whose dream of becoming a jockey came true so I play this when I sit back and enjoy it happening
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