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The quiz: how much attention were you paying to this week's stories?

Decorated Knight and Andrea Atzeni: winners of the Irish Champion Stakes
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The summer is giving way to autumn and the Flat season is beginning to reach its conclusion. With so many huge meetings coming up and champions to be crowned, it is no surprise it has been yet another busy week but how much can you remember. Let's find out.

1 Which legendary Newmarket trainer this week surprised the sport with the launch of his new website?

A Sir Michael Stoute
B Clive Brittain
C Sir Mark Prescott
D John Gosden

2 Chantilly this week had to deal with some unwelcome late night intrusions. What were they?

A Local kids on motocross bikes
B Wild boars
C Picnickers
D Nudists

3 Name the horse

“He had a very difficult temperament and was not at all easy for the jockey to control in a race”

A Orfevre
B Might Bite
C Mad Moose
D Moonax

4 The BHA this week faced the wrath of Mick Easterby after banning the use of which piece of equipment specially designed by the trainer?

A Starting stalls
B Schooling fences
C Leather whip
D Safety rein

Anseanachai Cliste

5 Cobalt was named as the banned substance involved in the mysterious Cheltenham case involving Anseanachai Cliste this week. Which festival race was he due to run in before his withdrawal on raceday?

A Gold Cup
B Foxhunter
C Cross-Country Chase
D Champion Bumper

6 Labour this week revealed it would ban gambling operators from doing what?

A Installing gaming machines in betting shops
B Betting on Jeremy Corbyn's replacement
C Advertising on football shirts
D Lobbying politicians

7 Which race meeting was rebranded this week due supposed confusion with a similarly named event in another sport?

A Newmarket's Craven meeting
B Ayr's Western meeting
C Ascot's Royal Ascot
D Cheltenham's Open meeting

8 Which Newmarket project moved a step closer this week after planning permission was granted for the ambitious £10 million development?

A A sky gallop
B An all-weather racecourse
C A proper train service
D Sir Michael Stoute's new website

9 Producers of ITV's Opening Show are to attempt to boost viewing figures by making what change?

A Moving the broadcast time to earlier in the morning
B Renaming the show 'The Morning Line'
C Introducing a cooking segment
D Getting Oli Bell to present it topless

10 Decorated Knight was shock winner of the Irish Champion Stakes on Saturday. How many Group 1 races has the five-year-old now won?

A Two
B Three
C Four
D Five

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1. C (Sir Mark Prescott)
2. B (Wild boars)
3. A (Orfevre)
4. D (Safety rein)
5. B (Foxhunter Chase)
6. C (Advertising on football shirts)
7. D (Cheltenham's Open meeting)
8. A (A sky gallop)
9. A (Moving the broadcast time to earlier in the morning)
10. B (Three)

He had a very difficult temperament and was not at all easy for the jockey to control in a race
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