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Rouget hopeful yard may be starting to recover from virus

Jean-Claude Rouget and Almanzor, who was affected by fever but not the "wobbling" symptoms of others in the same barn
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Jean-Claude Rouget has given a cautiously optimistic update on the fight against an outbreak of type 1 Equine Herpes Virus which struck one barn at his stables in Pau last week, causing the death of two horses. 

Rouget told Jour de Galop that of the 55 survivors, all but eight are now being ridden out. 

"The eight others are still a little weak but I hope they can be ridden out by the end of the week," said Rouget. "I think I can say that everything is going well for now."

Winner of the Champion Stakes, Irish Champion Stakes and Prix du Jockey Club, Almanzor is stabled in the barn affected by the outbreak, which has not spread to other parts of Rouget's 270-strong team. 

"Almanzor is in that barn but wasn't seriously affected," said Rouget. "He just had a fever. I have no way of knowing when these horses might run again and to what level."

The BHA have placed no restrictions on horses from the unaffected barns at the Rouget yard or those housed at two satellite locations, although strict transport protocols already in place in France must be adhered to. 

The National Trainers Federation received a report from the BHA, citing the 600 metres which separate the infected barn from the nearest stable from which horses are currently allowed to train and run. 

The report said: "With the reported increased biosecurity measures in place, the BHA is currently satisfied that horses trained by Mr Rouget from the non-infected barns do not pose an increased risk of infectious disease, and at present, will allow these horses to race in Great Britain.

"Were such an outbreak to occur in Great Britain, with circumstances similar to this trainer’s property, the BHA would allow horses that have been suitably separated and monitored to race."

I think I can say that everything is going well for now

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