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Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Read the transcript of explosive call that landed Evans in hot water over bet

David Evans: fined a total of £3,140 over a betting-related breach
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Trainer David Evans was this month fined more than £3,000 after a betting-related hearing in which the BHA found him guilty of breaching rule (A)30.1 – conduct prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct and/or good reputation of horseracing.

Evans backed Black Dave before withdrawing stablemate – and market leader – Tango Sky in a 6f handicap at Wolverhampton in January 2015, but he avoided having his licence suspended and was fined a total of £3,140, including the penalty for not immediately notifying the Racing Calendar office of a non-runner.

The BHA on Wednesday published its notes from the disciplinary panel hearing, including the transcript from the phone conversation in which Evans placed a bet on Black Dave to the tune of £6,000 and discussed his intent to withdraw Tango Sky with a Ladbrokes trader.

The Evans-Ladbrokes transcript in full

Phone call on January 9, 2015: 08:43 – 2 minutes, 4 seconds

JT: Jeremy Thomas, trading
DE: David Evans, trainer

Call starts

JT: Ladbrokes, Jeremy speaking

DE: Morning Jeremy

JT: You all right?

DE: Yeah

JT: Good, good

DE: I want a good bet

JT: You want a good bet?

DE: If you can give me it? Yeah

JT: Go on

DE: Yeah, Black Dave

JT: Where is that running today?

DE: Wolverhampton in the first

JT: The first at Wolverhampton. (pause) How much you looking for Dave?

DE: A good bit. Are you in a good mood are ya?

JT: Not really. No

DE: Why? Why? Ain't your money.

Both laughing

DE: You will probably win it anyway

JT: How much you looking for? I can do you a bit of 4-1

DE: I’m looking for six grand

JT: Six grand, okay just two seconds Dave

DE: Yep

At this point JT is asking senior trader Tony Milburn if he wants the bet

JT: Six grand at four

DE: Yeah

JT: That’s on for you Dave, yeah

DE: Right

JT: What’s the message there then? Just....(inaudible)

DE: Can I tell you something?

JT: Oh, you’ve got the other one there haven’t you?

DE: Yeah

JT: All right okay. Fair enough

DE: Ain't gonna run

JT: It’s not going to go, no?

DE: Right, does that help you out?

JT: It will do, yeah, yeah

DE: Yeah

JT: What time is that getting pulled out? Can you....

DE: Ooh, I don’t know

JT: Okay

DE: Before nine o’clock, you don’t pay the jockey

(JT laughing)

JT: Oh really

DE: Hey, so that bet is on is it?

JT: So 8.59 that are coming out is it?

DE: No, I don’t know

(Both laughing)

JT: All right mate, that’s on for you, yes

DE: Thanks Jeremy

JT: Okay, cheers then, thanks Dave

DE: Right

Call concluded

Timeline of events on the raceday

8.35am Black Dave priced at 4-1 with Ladbrokes
8.38am Black Dave is shortened to 7-2
8.43am David Evans places a £6,000 bet on Black Dave with Ladbrokes at improved odds of 4-1 and informs the firm Tango Sky will be a non-runner
8.46am Black Dave is shortened to 100-30
8.47am Tango Sky is shortened to 3-1 (from 7-2), increasing the rule 4 to 25p in a £1
9.02am Black Dave shortens to 11-4 following bets from owners at the yard
9.04am Black Dave shortens to 5-2
9.39am Tango Sky is declared a non-runner and a new market is subsequently formed

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Evans backed Black Dave before withdrawing stablemate and market leader Tango Sky in a 6f handicap at Wolverhampton in January 2015
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