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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Read how the dramatic televised inquiry at Goodwood played out

Fabricate (right) was awarded Glorious Goodwood's opening race after suffering interference from Dark Red
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Dark Red, ridden by Oisin Murphy, passed the post first in the opening 1m2f handicap, but the placings were reversed in the stewards' room because of late interference, and Fabricate was awarded the race. Here's how things played out...

Stipendiary steward Colin Vickers: "Mr Moore, did you suffer interference?"

Ryan Moore, rider of seventh-placed Garcia: "Yes sir. Oisin's horse has hung into me."

Vickers: "Mr Kirby, did you suffer interference?"

Adam Kirby, rider of Fabricate, who was second past the post: "Yes, I did sir. I was coming with a winning run and the big grey horse Oisin was on has hung and given me quite a big bump. Then it's continuous pressure all the way to the line. It's cost me the race."

Vickers: "Mr Crowley, did you suffer interference?"

Jim Crowley, rider of third-placed Khairaat: "Not interference,I just got taken off my line when the horse in front drifted into the middle of the track."

Vickers: "Mr Atzeni, did you suffer interference?"

Andrea Atzeni, rider of fourth-placed UAE Prince: "Same for me. I didn't suffer interference, but the horse in front of me just came across and I had to switch my horse to the left towards the end."

Vickers: "Mr Murphy, you've heard what the other jockeys have got to say, what have you got to respond?"

Oisin Murphy (left) tries to stop Dark Red from hanging left

Oisin Murphy: "I was on the best horse in the race. I sat on the rail and came with a winning run up the inside on the rail. I got into the clear and my horse has lugged left towards the gate. I had my stick in my left hand and you can see my right hand is in the air doing everything I can to keep him straight. I continuously tug off it through the line. I think My Kirby gets within a head or neck of me with a 100 yards to go, but we don't have any contact in the last 100 yards. I'm doing everything in my power and actually stop hitting the horse to keep him straight and he continues to lug to the gate. I'm in front and well clear even after the line. I've no doubt I was on the best horse."

Vickers: "Mr Moore, is there anything else you'd like to say?"

Moore: "No (laughs)."

Vickers: "Mr Kirby?"

Kirby: "It's not just the one bump – it's continuous, taking me all the way to the line. He's able to carry on riding his and I had to put my stick down on mine because he got a bump. He changed his legs and it knocked the wind out of him; he's come again at the line."

Vickers: "Mr Crowley, anything more you want to say?"

Crowley: "No sir."

Vickers: "Mr Atzeni?"

Atzeni: "No."

Vickers: "Mr Murphy, anything more you'd want to add?"

Murphy: "No thank you sir."

Dark Red (grey) hangs to his left in the closing stages

Lucinda Cavendish, steward: "Mr Murphy, did you think it might have been a good idea to put your stick down and put both hands on the reins?"

Murphy: "If you actually notice I have so much pressure - you can only pull the right rein off the right hand and I make a few body movements and my bum hits the horse's backside trying to keep him straight. I couldn't have had any more contact with my right rein. I believe I did everything in my power – and you can see from by body language – to keep the horse straight."

Cavendish: "Thank you."

Moore: "He's just not strong enough to keep him straight (laughs)."

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I was coming with a winning run and the big grey horse Oisin was on has hung and given me quite a big bump
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