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Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Turned on or turning off? Where racing ranks on the list of most boring sports

More than twice as many people said racing was boring to watch as said it was exciting
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Hopefully you are not bored reading this. And hopefully you are not bored watching racing either.

A new survey has found that 52 per cent of the public thinks racing is boring. Not necessarily great news for, say, Rod Street, chief executive of Great British Racing, the body charged with marketing and promoting the sport.

But wait a minute. Seventy per cent of those in the survey conducted by YouGov find golf boring, with American football coming in at 59 per cent, cricket and darts at 58 per cent, snooker at 57 and racing level with basketball at 52 per cent.

In fact when asked about their attitudes to 17 sports the British public found that those who had watched 12 of them were more likely to find them boring than exciting.

A quarter of those surveyed felt that racing was exciting to watch, which was higher than six other sports and put it level with cycling – athletics was both the least boring (28 per cent) and most exciting (47 per cent).

A detailed breakdown of the 1,616 adults surveyed at the end of last November offers other interesting insights, including an apparent gender gap.

A quarter of women saw racing as exciting to watch, compared to 19 per cent of men, with only 39 per cent of females suggesting it was boring, but 50 per cent of males doing so.

Half of the respondents in the north of England said racing was boring to watch, but only 39 per cent in London did.

And while 48 per cent of the over-65s were in the boring camp, only 39 per cent of the 18-24s agreed – although there's clearly work to be done to reach that age group as 24 per cent of them replied, 'Not applicable – I have never watched this sport'.

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A quarter of those surveyed felt that racing was exciting to watch, which was higher than six others and put it level with cycling
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