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Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Party tunes rule but there's still time for some Edith Piaf for James Reveley

James Reveley: a big fan of French DJ and producer Valentin Brunel
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The 2016 champion jump jockey in France, James Reveley is the latest rider to reveal his current favourite tunes.

When I'm getting psyched for a race I listen to . . .  Temperature by Sean Paul

The beat and the rhythm of it really help push you that bit further – I’ve always found it a good song when I’m in the gym too.

When I'm celebrating a winner I listen to . . . All Night by Parov Stelar

It’s a good party song, guaranteed to get everyone dancing. I always associate it with the feeling of just wanting to get up and dance, and of having a good time.

When I'm annoyed about a loser I listen to . . . I Feel So Bad by Kungs

It says it all in the title. The song really describes how you feel after a bad day and I really like all the stuff by Kungs [French DJ and producer Valentin Brunel]. He’s become huge here in France and all over in the last couple of years – I would love to see a live set.

When I'm stuck in traffic I listen to . . . Breeze by Fenda

It doesn’t really have much to do with being stuck in traffic but it’s a tune I’m quite into at the moment. If I needed to pass the time I would stick on something good to listen to so this would do the trick.

When I'm relaxing at home I listen to . . . Perfect by Ed Sheeran . . . or maybe some Edith Piaf!

The radio stations here play a lot of English tunes but I quite like some classic French stuff. Edith Piaf is best known for Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien but I would go for La Foule. Sometimes the valets in the weighing room put on a station called Nostalgie and you hear plenty of those kinds of songs on there. Perfect is just a nice song to chill out to.

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It says it all in the title. The song really describes how you feel after a bad day and I really like all the stuff by Kungs

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