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Morning inspections for Doncaster and Ayr due to persistent frost

Ayr: the racecourse is set for an 8am inspection on Tuesday morning
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Doncaster's Tuesday afternoon meeting is subject to a 7am inspection with the course frozen in places. The track, which passed a 3pm check on Monday, will be inspected again in the early hours with temperatures set to drop overnight. 

Clerk of the course Roderick Duncan reported that the chase course was not as badly affected as the hurdles course. "The temperature overnight is expected to be around 3C, possibly going down to 2C, but there is a risk of air freeze at day break," he said after the inspection on Monday afternoon.

"It's 50-50 at the moment – the chase course is not concerning us but the hurdle track is."

Meanwhile, Ayr's Wednesday meeting is also subject to an early morning inspection on Tuesday and clerk of the course Graeme Anderson was less optimistic about the meeting taking place, reporting on Monday that the course was frozen.

"Temperatures were around 3C today and it's unlikely to get any warmer tomorrow," he said.

"At the moment, the course is still frozen. We're expecting temperatures to drop to around -1C overnight so we'll inspect at 8am. The frost hasn't moved at all today."

The ground was described as soft at Doncaster and heavy at Ayr on Monday. No other inspections were planned as of Monday evening, though the ground at Sedgefield, due to race on Friday, was frozen in places.

Hereford's fixture on Monday was also cancelled due to a frozen surface.

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The temperature overnight is expected to be around 3 degrees but there is a risk of air freeze at day break

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