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Milestones, failed dope tests and controversial bets: take our quiz

Silvestre de Sousa and Goodwood winner Dee Ex Bee
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A week in racing cannot go by without drama, and this week the sport enjoyed more than its fair share of controversy. So just what has rocked the racing world over the past seven days?

1 Hayley Turner said she was “absolutely buzzing” after being called up for the Shergar Cup on Tuesday. Which jockey did she replace on the Girls team?

A Emma-Jayne Wilson
B Josephine Gordon
C Sammy Jo Bell
D Cathy Gannon

2 Jockeys' title leader Silvestre de Sousa notched his 100th winner of the season at Brighton on Wednesday. When was the Brazilian first crowned champion jockey in Britain?

A 2013
B 2014
C 2015
D 2016

3 Nicky Henderson and Paul Nicholls were among those to welcome the BHA shake-up to the novice chase system announced this week. When do the changes come into effect?

A Straight away
B October 1
C From 2018
D The Cheltenham Festival

4 Kieran Burke plans to resume training in the autumn, two years after he relinquished his licence, he revealed this week. Name his Cheltenham Festival winner?

A Holmwood Legend
B Sparky May
C Buck Magic
D Hunt Ball

Catain Dunne (1): winning the 2011 Dash

5 Popular sprint veteran Captain Dunne was this week put down after suffering a fatal injury. How many times did he race during his successful?

A 76
B 100
C 124
D 151

6 Dean Ivory was left “very embarrassed” this week when it emerged one of his runners had failed a dope test as a result of cross-contamination after a member of the trainer’s staff was found to have done what in horse’s stable?

A Urinated
B Slept
C Drunk alcohol
D Smoked

7 Jockey Michelle Payne hit the headlines during a Shergar Cup media event in London this week. What did she do?

A Asked to switch teams
B Overslept due to jet lag and failed to show up
C Swore at an official before walking out
D Called all the male jockeys chauvinists

8 Charlie McBride this week said he would use his winnings on the wrong horse at Yarmouth to help pay off his £1,500 fine issued by the BHA. How much did McBride put on the horse?

A £5 each-way
B £10 each-way
C £50 each-way
D £100 win

Francois Doumen: health problems had made the job of training too difficult

9 Legendary trainer Francois Doumen announced his retirement this week, citing ill health as the main reason for his decision. Who partnered The Fellow, Doumen’s 1994 Gold Cup hero, to success at Cheltenham?

A Tony McCoy
B Norman Williamson
C Richard Dunwoody
D Adam Kondrat 

10 A modern-day record for non-runners was set on Wednesday. By 5pm, how many horses across five meetings had been taken out of their respective races on account of the ground?

A 101
B 105
C 111
D 118

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1 B (Josephine Gordon)
2 C (2015)
3 B (October 1)
4 D (Hunt Ball)
5 B (100)
6 A (Urinated)
7 C (Swore at an official before walking out)
8 B (£10 each-way)
9 D (Adam Kondrat)
10 B (105)

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