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Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

'It will be about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike'

Gar Moore: "a complete waste of time"
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Kim Bailey, trainer
Declaring wind operations is a positive move and we already put this information on our website. But the thing about these ops is that often they don’t work, which will confuse the punters even more.

Ben Case, trainer
I've had two wind ops done. The horses aren't entered up to run yet but I've put them down as being done. It would be easier for me if I had to just put wind op, but on the BHA site you have to list which wind op you've had. That is more confusing as there are about five different ones you can have. I think it's good they're announcing having a wind op but think the best way to show is just as wind op. It can't be a bad thing; whether it's a good thing only time will tell.

David Dennis, trainer
It's probably going to prove inconclusive but we'll watch this space with interest.

Robin Dickin, trainer
I have no problem with it. There seems to be more and more emphasis on gaining as much information as possible, although you can get bogged down with too much information sometimes.

Warren Greatrex, trainer
This decision won't affect me much as we have to declare plenty of other things these days and wind operations are no different.

Micky Hammond, trainer
Most trainers and owners will tell you not all wind ops are successful. There are different types and without doubt the most successful is the cauterising or lasering of the soft palate. The hobday would probably be the next most successful, but once you start on tie forwards or tie backs the success rate is far less. All horses are different, some horses react to a wind op well, whereas others don't, and I think the BHA should put out to the general public that just because a horse has had a wind op it's not going to improve 20 lengths, although it may improve two lengths.

Alan King, trainer
I have no issue with it. Punters will find they're not always as successful as we hope.

Gary Moore, trainer
It will be about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, a complete waste of time.

William Muir, trainer
All I'd say is punters beware. As trainers it's no different to if we put blinkers on or a tonguestrap. I had six or seven last year and do I think it made any difference? Not really. The jumping boys make it sound magnificent, but would Altior have won the Tingle Creek without it? Probably. It does work with some, and it makes a big difference for some, but I'd say it's one in ten and if it's a bit like a filly in foal. Punters thinking, 'Oh that'll make a massive difference' will soon learn. Some operations work, but a lot of them, you think you've done something and nothing changes.

Evan Williams, trainer
It surely makes no odds to anyone. It will just make punters more skint than they were to start with. It's a complete and utter load of nonsense.

Ian Williams, trainer
If the information is of use to the general public then great, but I'm not sure how much use it will actually be.

Gary Wiltshire, bookmaker
Any help that can aid punters and bookmakers can only be a positive. Tracks are trying their hardest to get as many punters here and any improvements and additional information to aid punters can only be a bonus. As long as they don't give bookmakers a wind op on the way out from the track, it will be okay. I'd definitely fail it!

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Just because a horse has had a wind op it's not going to improve 20 lengths, although it may improve two lengths
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