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FeatureThe People's Champion

Denman, Dessie, Frankel, Kauto or Rummy? It's time to VOTE NOW to crown The People's Champion

Through the summer, we've had thousands of people nominating hundreds of horses, thousands more voting to whittle the list down to five, and now the time has come to have your say for the final time as we crown the People's Champion.

To celebrate National Racehorse Week, we've profiled the five finalists – Denman, Desert Orchid, Frankel, Kauto Star and Red Rum – and all that's left is for you to click here to make your choice.


Still undecided? See if our profiles can sway you . . . 

DENMAN: Everyone knows about the stellar Cheltenham Gold Cup win, the two Hennessys under a saddle full of lead and the bloodless RSA Chase victory, but what cannot be conveyed in the form book is the manner in which Denman marched to steeplechasing's summit. Click here to read more.

DESERT ORCHID: Looking at your nominations for the People's Champion, what's very apparent even at first glance is that those of you who plumped for Desert Orchid viewed him not just as an astonishing racehorse but as a part of your lives, a hero, a role model, an inspiration and even a close friend for nine unforgettable years. Click here to read more.

FRANKEL: Where to start? That’s the dilemma confronting any attempt to chronicle what made Frankel resonate with the public. The multitude of strands leaves us spoilt for choice. Click here to read more.

KAUTO STAR Two little words do not dare to tell the whole story of Kauto Star, but, in their own strange way, offer a glimpse into the finest steeplechaser to have graced the sport since the immortal Arkle. Click here to read more.

RED RUM: Recency bias is an accusation often hurled at polls like this one, mostly by old-timers with an axe to grind, but it is hard to dispute that they have a point. Yes, we all remember last week's Group 1 superstar and quite possibly last season's Gold Cup winner, but even the best horses finally fade from the memory, and the longer ago they ran the less likely we (especially those pesky, disrespectful youngsters) are to vote for them. Click here to read more.

Read more: 

Red Rum: the working-class hero who never knew when to quit 

Kauto Star: the rock 'n' roll chaser who kept bouncing back to remind the doubters who was king  

Frankel: greatness not in question - but doing it for Sir Henry made it so much more poignant  

Desert Orchid: so much more than just an astonishing racehorse - he became part of the family too 

Denman: they called him The Tank for good reason - and he pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible

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Published on 14 September 2023Last updated 18:00, 14 September 2023