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Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

Cox thrilled after finishing fifth in female riders' competition in Sweden

All smiles: Georgia Cox pictured with Novoman last year
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Georgia Cox finished fifth in the second edition of the lady jockeys' thoroughbred world championship, but got more from the experience than just riding a winner in Sweden.

She met riders from all over the world, had an incredible time and learned plenty from competing against the likes of the inaugural winner Maryline Eon, Mickaelle Michel and this year's breakout local talent and competition winner Josefin Landgren.

"It was a whole different experience and I enjoyed all of it, it was very well put together, the place we stayed was great and it's only the second year, so it will be exciting to see what it's like in five years as they seem keen to keep expanding and improving it," said Cox, who is connected to the William Haggas yard as an apprentice.

"I'd never met any of the girls beforehand and it opens your eyes. You had to get used to everything very quickly, they don't have furlong poles, the grass was very long and there's mushrooms and weeds everywhere!

"The Brazilian girl Victoria [Mota] swings on, she doesn't get a leg up – it was interesting to see how people did things differently."

Cox rode a winner on the mushroom-covered track and amassed 23 points in total.

She added: "With my first ride they told me to miss the kick and come late, but he never travelled. My second was impossible to steer, so I was quite glad with my third one to ride a winner as I was thinking, 'This isn't going very well'!

"It was good to have a winner for my sponsor as he was lovely. It was really hot until after the third race, then we had a thunderstorm.

"I really wanted to win it, it was really well publicised and it would have been good to win, but I'm glad I got a winner.

She concluded: "It was great to be a part of, we got towels with our names on, a bowl with our names engraved on; it's the attention to detail that makes it special. I'd love to go again."

Josefin Landgren crowned champion of the lady jockeys’ thoroughbred world championship

Lady jockeys' thoroughbred world championship final standings

Jockey Total
Josefin Landgren (Sweden) 54
Victoria Mota (Brazil) 48
Sara Vermeerch (Belgium) 40
Anna Pilroth (Sweden) 36
Georgia Cox (Britain) 23
Mickaelle Michel (France) 21
Ina V. Toverud (Norway) 20
Maryline Eon (France) 20
Stefanie Koyuncu (Germany) 17
Danielle Johnson (New Zealand) 14

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My first ride never travelled and my second was impossible to steer, so I was quite glad with my third one to ride a winner
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