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Bryony Frost: 'Frodon grabbed me by my hand and said: don't you dare give up'

The woman of the hour on what her Ryanair Chase winner means to her

Bryony Frost: emotional after winning the Ryanair
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Having ridden one of the finishes of the week to grab Ryanair glory, Bryony Frost had the presence of mind to deliver this tremendous tribute to Frodon on ITV in the moments that followed . . . 

He's got his day, guys. He is Pegasus, he has got wings. He is the most incredible battler. He has beat everything out there.

He travelled, my God he jumped. That moment he got overtaken two out, most horses would quit. But no, he grabbed me by my hand and said, 'No, don't you dare give up. Don't you dare not send me into the last. I want this more than you, now come on, where are you?'

Watch Ryanair Chase here

And look at him. He is just perfection and determination. If you can't think it, you can't do it. Just look at what he's just done there. Tell me, deny me that he doesn't love racing. He's unbelievable. I love you mate.

I've got lots of best friends, I'm really lucky. But he, and what he's doing for me, and the dream he's just made come true for me, is just incredible. And he'll deserve every single high-five, pat, carrot and polo. This is his day. 

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