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Monday, 17 December, 2018

Are you the type of gambler waiting for just one big win?

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Gamcare, the primary source of advice for those with gambling difficulties, uses the experiences of those it assists to analyse how and why people slip into trouble.

One of the key questions asked is: "Why do I do it?" There is rarely a simple answer, as with any activity that puts people through turmoil, the obvious response of simply stopping is often not viewed as an option. Gambling problems are seen as being outside their control – something that is happening to them rather than something they can fix.

So why do they continue? The obvious answer is "for the money", but Gamcare asks punters to challenge that response: "When you win, do you spend your winnings on more gambling? Do you continue to gamble until you have little or no money left?" Many gamblers feel they are waiting for the 'big win', which seems tantalisingly close. However, the reality is that scooping the big pot simply fuels their desire for more gambling.

It might not be easy to work out by yourself the underlying reasons for your gambling. Getting professional help can start to unpick things. Contact Gamcare or call the national gambling helplines: 0808 8020 133 in the UK, 08000 886 725 in Northern Ireland, or 1800 936 725 in the Republic of Ireland.

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