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Bet Calculators

If you place your bet in a betting shop, or are unlucky enough to suffer a rule 4 deduction, you may not know your expected returns. Without burning any brain cells using complex math, you can use a bet calculator to work out your expected returns for you.¬†Whether it’s a single, complicated multiple or an accumulator, these online bet calculators can work out your winnings no matter the stake.¬†Simply choose your bet type, choose your odds and enter your stake, the bet calculator will do the rest for you. This is a useful tool for working out your bet following a rule 4 deduction, a non-runner selection within a multiple or each-way placings, that you wouldn’t usually get on your bet receipt.


Free Bet Calculator

Paddy Power!/

The Racing Post are currently developing a customised bet calculator that will serve all your needs. Until then, the above examples are easy to use, well laid out, and proven to be reliable.

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