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Short gallop on Mandown Hill in Lambourn covered in frost/snow

Frosty conditions are wreaking havoc at courses in Britain and Ireland

  PICTURE: Edward Whitaker/  

Weather prospects for the coming week


Lingfield: ABANDONED



Leicester: Inspection 8am Monday. Course crossings frozen in places and clerk of the course Jimmy Stevenson said: "It is not looking good.". 



Hexham: Inspection 7.30am Monday. 18 inches of snow on track and clerk of the course James Armstrong reckons it 'will take a miracle' for racing to go ahead, given the forecast.

Southwell: Inspection 12 noon Monday. Frozen in places. Clerk of the course Roderick Duncan said on Sunday: "I am quite pessimistic. When I walked the course after racing on Saturday I thought we might get away with it but it went down to -4.5C last night and the forecast is not good."


Huntingdon: Frozen in places. Clerk of the course Andrew Morris said: "If the forecast is accurate, prospects are pretty bleak. The forecast is for strengthening frosts as the week goes on, coupled with very low daytime temperatures."

Ludlow: Inspection 2pm Tuesday. Clerk of the course Bob Davies said: "If the forecast is right we have no chance. We have only had two nights without frost since our last meeting on December 17."

Thurles: Track still frozen on Sunday after temperature fell to -8C overnight. Manager Pierce Molony said: "We are expecting a lot more frost over the next few nights, so prospects of racing remain very poor."


Bangor: Frozen in places. Clerk of the course Ed Gretton said: "It is vaguely unpromising - we need the weather to be better than the forecast suggests it is going to be."

Fontwell: Track frozen. Clerk of the course Ed Arkell said: "We have had the take-offs and landings covered since Thursday but the forecast is for a cold week, with -3C to -5C overnight, and we will just have to see what happens."

Ffos Las: Track under a light covering of frozen snow.

Sedgefield: Track under three inches of snow. Charlie Moore said: "We need a change in the weather pattern. There is the possibility of more snow today and tomorrow and it will be fairly cold for much of the week - there is a little glimmer towards the end of the week but it is only a glimmer."

Wincanton: Frozen in places, with frosts forecast up to Friday.

Punchestown: Unraceable on Sunday. Course spokesman Richie Galway said: "We put the track back after Thursday's meeting, so if we get a thaw it shouldn't take long for it to be raceable. But the forecast is for more frost, so we can only wait and hope that conditions improve later in the week."


Hereford: Track frozen. Clerk of the course Katie Stephens said: "Prospects are pretty grim at the moment. It has been unraceable since December 29 and the chances of the frost coming out of the ground look quite slim unless there is a change in the forecast."

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