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Greek Secret, trained by Jimmy O'Reilly

Greek Secret wins for Jimmy and James O'Reilly at Beverley last year

  PICTURE: Martin Lynch  

Jimmy O'Reilly on move to purpose-built yard

NOTTINGHAM-BASED trainer Jimmy O'Reilly is preparing to move into a purpose-built yard at Clarborough, near Retford, this month although he will continue to oversee the family's other business ventures.

"I've bought a new place three miles from where we are now, and it's a lot bigger, but I'll never have more than 12 horses, that's all I ever want," said O'Reilly, 44, whose outside ventures locally include running a nursery and a farm shop.

He is now being assisted by his son James, who recently retired as a jockey owing to weight problems, and has takena more active role in the training side as well as travelling runners to the races.

"Our winner we had at Lingfield on New Year's Eve, Greek Secret, wasmostly down to James, and he is more interested in training now," said O'Reilly whose disenchantment over prize-money has encouraged him to diversify his commercial interests rather than concentrate solely on racing.

"We have always been family-run, all my staff are family, and that's really the reason why we can afford to be in racing, otherwise I think I'd be out of it. You can't go on with pats on the back. They all cheer for the winners, but you don't make a lot of moneyout of them."

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