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Sedgefield set to inspect

TUESDAY'S meeting at Sedgefield will have to pass an 11.30am inspection on Monday as icy temperatures have made the track unraceable.

The County Durham venue was hit by freezing temperatures on Saturday night and with conflicting forecasts for the next 24 hours, clerk of the course Charlie Moore felt it prudent to take a look.

"We are unraceable at present but there is a school of thought that says temperatures will rise tonight with a band of drizzle, sleet or even snow passing through," said Moore.

"It all depends what the temperatures does once that has gone through but we are forecast anything from minus three to plus five so it is hard to say.

"If we pass the inspection which I would like to hope we will, we will probably have to have a precautionary inspection on Tuesday morning as there is forecast to be more frost on Monday night."

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