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Leicester: only "a few odd spots" of the ground were frozen at 8am

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Second inspection at Leicester and third likely

SUNDAY'S meeting at Leicester is now subject to a second inspection at 10.30am, with a further inspection likely to be called after that as officials give the meeting every possible chance of going ahead.

Temperatures were still hovering around -7C at 8am on Sunday morning but clerk of the course Jimmy Stevenson said only "a few odd spots" of the ground were frozen.

He added: "We need to give it a bit time, the frost sheets have done a good job. We're just waiting on the sun coming up.

"Nothing really changes now in the next three hours and then it all happens between 11am and 12pm. So we'll probably end up going for an 11.30am inspection after that and make a decision then.

"We've still got a good chance but need to be patient with it. It's still -7C but is forecast to go to 2C. That doesn't sound a lot but it's 9C higher than at the moment.

"It was completely raceable yesterday and I know it's not far away so I don't want to throw it away."

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