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Sandown - clerk of the course Andrew Cooper - January 3 2009

Andrew Cooper: clerk of the course at Sandown had to call off meeting

  PICTURE: Edward Whitaker  

Sandown abandoned after 10am inspection

SANDOWN has abandoned it's Tolworth fixture on Saturday after failing a  second inspection at 10 am.

With temperatures reaching -6C on Friday night and failing to rise sufficiently in the morning, the decision to abandon was taken by clerk of the course Andrew Cooper after a second inspection, with an area in front of the grandstand still rock solid.

He said: "The ground on our worst bits up the hill past the stands have frozen this morning even under the covers and are not going to improve whatever the temperature gets to.

"We first looked at 6am and the temperature had got down to -6C, and stayed that temperature for about two to three hours.

"Here and now at 10.30am almost none of the track is raceable. We gave it every chance but it wasn't meant to be."

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