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Morston with Eddie Hide wins the Derby 1973

Eddie Hide and Morston (right) win the Derby 1973

  PICTURE: Daily Mirror  

Edward Hide stripped of free racing badge

PROFESSIONAL Jockeys' Association chief executive Kevin Darley is investigating how one of his most illustrious predecessors as 'Cock of the North' came to have a badge allowing free racecourse entry withdrawn after being told it was for life.

Edward Hide's revelation at York last week that he had been stripped of the privilege previously awarded for his services to racing was met with incredulity and outrage by his friends.

Kevin Darley

Kevin Darley: on the case

  PICTURE: Racing Post  

Hide, who rode 2,593 winners during a long career that included several Classic triumphs, now has to pay £25 for an annual badge as a retired jockey.

Darley has promised to look into the matter which is clearly a source of frustration for Hide, who still has the letter from 1986 in which his former trade body stated both he and his wife Sue had been awarded lifetime badges.

Darley said: "People like Edward have dedicated most of their working life to racing, and I think it would only be seen as a very good gesture if the Racecourse Association would give them a complimentary badge for life."

Caroline Davies, RCA racing director, said: "Obviously this is a matter for Kevin to resolve, but if Edward has produced a copy of this letter it is there andit needs to be stood by doesn't it?".

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