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O'Keeffe to see specialist after fall

JUMP jockey Alan O'Keeffe will consult a specialist on Monday morning to determine whether he needs surgery on a shoulder after breaking his left humerus in a fall at Bangor on Friday afternoon.

O'Keeffe sustained the injury when Downing Street, trained by Jennie Candlish, fell at the eighth fence in a 3m handicap chase.

He said: "It's a clean break, which is encouraging as far as recovery time is concerned, and I'm going to see a specialist down in Cardiff at 9am on Monday to find out if he thinks I need to have a plate put in the bone.

"As I understand it from the doctors who've already looked at the shoulder, the plate wouldn't be necessary to mend the break, but it might shorten the healing period.                    

"We'll have to see what the specialist says before I know how long I'll be out of action, butI'm not feeling too bad and, when you're a jump jockey, you just have to take these things in your stride."

Candlish will be driving O'Keeffe to Cardiff to see the specialist and said: "It must be very frustrating for Alan, as he's only been back in the saddle for about three weeks after dislocating his other shoulder, but he's taking it remarkably well.

"All our owners will be keen to have him back as soon as possible, and knowing him he'll want to keep the recovery time down to a minimum, so we'll just have to look after him carefully and keep him occupied with reading the Racing Post.

"That way, at least he'll be in touch with what's going on."


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