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Go Native Newcastle 28.11.2009

Rain and rising temperatures could offer some hope at Newcastle

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Newcastle to inspect at 2pm for Tuesday meeting

NEWCASTLE'S meeting on Tuesday is subject to a 2pm inspection on Monday.

Parts of the track are still frozen following a light frost and temperatures of -1C on Sunday night, but the forecasts are offering some hope.

Clerk of the course James Armstrong said on Monday morning: "I'm still optimistic providing the forecasts are correct.

"It started freezing quite early yesterday, around 4pm. It was a light frost, but a long night of it and, briefly, it was -2C.

"The forecasts suggest up to 8mm of rain and between 5C and 6C and that's got to help.

"We plan to look at 2pm, but if we're not raceable we're likely to look again in the morning given the forecasts."

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