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Monets Garden - Aintree 23.10.10

Painkillers could damage Monet's Garden's liver and kidneys

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Monet's team try out reduced medication dose

THE amount of painkillers being given to Monet's Garden was reduced over the weekend with vets keen to see how the popular former chaser will react to a reduced dose of medication that, while alleviating his suffering, could at the same time damage his internal organs.

A life-threatening hoof infectionhas left owner David Wesley Yates and trainer Nicky Richards bracing themselves for the worst scenario, an outcome that would devastate fans of the front-running star whose courage and bold jumping have made him a favourite.

Although yet to respond to antibiotics, Monet's Garden has been helped by painkillers, but Richards said on Sunday: "The painkillers are doing their job but it would be no fun to anyone if the horse was just stuck in his stable for the rest of his life.

"The painkillers are also not good for the kidney or liver and will eventually start to do damage, so over the weekend we reduced the amount we give him. As yet there has been no adverse reaction.

"As long as the horse is happy and not suffering, I'm sure that David will continue to give him every chance, but if we detect any suffering we would have to think about things pretty quickly."

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