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Exeter Stands

Exeter: was declared "perfectly raceable" after a thorough second look

  PICTURE: Edward Whitaker  

Exeter 'perfectly raceable' after second inspection

EXETER has passed its second inspection and its seven hurdle races will go ahead as planned although clerk of the course Barry Johnson warned the card could come under threat again if temperatures drop again before racing begins at 12.45pm.

Things had not looked promising when it was announced on Tuesday that the chase course was frozen and the three races set to be run on the track were abandoned

After walking the course at 8am on Thursday morning clerk of the course Barry Johnson found the track to be only "90 per cent raceable" but an hour after setting out on to the course for a second time at 9am he declared it fit for racing.


He said: "It was 90 per cent raceable at eight and I was worried that as the temperature dropped from zero to minus one since six 'o' clock this morning that the remaing ten per cent would not be able to thaw in time.

"Thankfully the temperature did rise to half a degree above freezing and the forecast is for temperatures of plus two or three today so we are perfectly raceable and all systems, but we may have a problem if the temperature drops again in the next hour or so."

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