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Eight Belles did not give her life up in vain, says Jones

EIGHT BELLES, who suffered a fatal injury after chasing home Big Brown in the Kentucky Derby, was remembered in a public memorial service at Churchill Downs on Sunday.

Trainer Larry Jones was among those attending a ceremony was held in the garden near the Kentucky Derby Musuem, where Eight Belles' ashes are buried.

"Eight Belles did not give her life up in vain," said Jones. "Changes are going to be made because of her - she is changing what is a great athletic sport and going to make it better."                  
Owner Rick Porter also was in attendance and said Eight Belles' legacy would include instituting a national governing bodyfor US racing "to whom all of us would be accountable" and would also eliminate "unnecessary medication" in racing.

"I hope she will be honoured by being that much-needed catalyst to save our sport, for which we all have this unexplainable passion," he said.


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