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Exeter Stands

Exeter: will almost raceable after its first inspection and will inspect again

  PICTURE: Edward Whitaker  

Dropping temperature forces second Exeter look

AFTER an 8am inspection Exeter was found to be only "90 per cent raceable" prompting officials to take a second look at 9am.

Things had not looked promising when it was announced on Tuesday that the chase course was frozen and the three races set to be run on the track were abandoned but, after walking the course on Thursday morning, clerk of the course Barry Johnson is hopeful racing will be on.


He said: "I have walked the course and it is 90 per cent raceable, it is just that ten per cent.

"We have called a second inspection because the temperature has dropped from zero to minus one since six 'o' clock this morning, which is obviously a concern.

"The forecast is for that to go back up so we will definitely give it its best chance and have another look at nine."

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