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Folkestone abandoned 15.12.2009

Folkestone is hoping that a hard frost doesn't hit the track overnight

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Folkestone to inspect with threat of snow

FOLKESTONE will hold an inspection at 3.45pm on Friday for Saturday's meeting.

Officials at the course called an initial inspection for Saturday morning, but 4-5cm of snow fell on Friday morning forcing them to change their plans.

Speaking on Friday morning, clerk of the course Andy Waitt said: "We could get temperatures of -3c overnight which is quite a hard frost and that's why we will hold an inspection.

"At the moment, there are no frozen areas and temperatures are due to get up to around 4c or 5c today with light rain.

"If there is quite a hard frost we could be in trouble as there is a lot of moisture in the ground and we would need the sun to come up pretty quickly."

The official going description at the track is heavy on the hurdles course, and soft, heavy in places on the chase course.

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