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Cheltenham Scenic 11.12.2009

Cheltenham is raceable but will inspect at 10am

  PICTURE: Edward Whitaker  

Cheltenham will inspect once frost covers are off

CHELTENHAM is to hold an inspection at 10am ahead of it's Friday fixture, as a precaution in case temperatures fall after the frost covers are removed from the track.

The course was still described as raceable on Friday morning, and the official going description is soft, heavy in places.

Temperatures got down to -4.5c on Thursday night and have continued to drop to -5.5c on Friday morning.

Clerk of the course Simon Claisse explained the decision, he said: "The temperature has dropped to -5.5c which is significantly lower than forecast, and will continue to drop here till around 8.30am, so we just want to make sure once we start removing the covers that the track doesn't freeze.

"We will start stripping back the covers at 9.30am, it's forecast to be a sunny day and get up to +1c so all being well we should be fine."

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