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Comments - and your part in their success wants users to be able to add to their enjoyment of the site by commenting on stories and blogs.

On many stories and most blogs, we provide the comments facility. Whatever the story or blog, we hope users can exercise restraint when it is necessary.

We are relying on courtesy and responsiblity on the part of users to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Not everyone's idea of what is offensive is the same. If your comment is not accepted and you are asked to try again, please consider whether anything you have said, or language you have used, could be considered offensive.

If a comment you have posted is removed, it will be for good reason. We do not remove comments simply because we disagree with your opinions.

A full set of house standards for user-generated comment is included in the site Terms and Conditions. However, the basic principles we hope users will observe are:

 1.  Please don't post personal abuse or attacks. It is fine to discuss issues or to disagree with another person's point of view or argument, but it is not acceptable to attack them on a personal level.

 2.  Don't swear or indulge in mindless abuse. You may think it's mild, but someone else may find it offensive.

 3. We will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic or other hate-speech or anything that could be interpreted assuch.

 4.  Please be relevant. Try not to post about the Derby on a discussion of Tony McCoy's mounts at Plumpton.

 5.  If we edit any post or edit, close or delete any thread, we are not obliged to enter into a discussion about our reasons for doing so. Occasionally we may contact users if we feel we need to explain our reasons or make constructive suggestions tousers.

 6.  Please don't post anything that may cause us legal problems. This includes, amongst other things, posts that may be defamatory or material that may be in breach of a third party's copyright. It's better to link than to cut and paste.

7. In the event that you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions and/or these standards, or you do not respect the spirit of the community or make postings which demand a disproportionate amount of time and moderation, your account may be suspended or you may be banned from the site. The length of any suspension will be in our discretion.

If your account is suspended you may not open another account with us and we reserve the right to terminate any such account. In the event that you continue to contravene our Terms and Conditions and/or these standards, we reserve the right to contact your employer or your internet service provider.

8. If you see anything posted on the site by a third party user of which you believe to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions  and/or these standards you can report it by sending an emailto We cannot guarantee that any action will be taken as a result of your email.

9. If you wish to contact us about any aspect of the community, please email

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