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Weblog: The football punter

Let's hope bad decisions don't ruin my Monday

JOSE MOURINHO has demanded that referee Neil Swarbrick "does his job" for Chelsea's match at Stoke on Monday.

What could he possibly mean by that?

I suspect Mourinho wouldn't necessarily be happy if the referee simply runs around blowing his whistle every time he spots an infringement.

I've got a feeling that in order for the ref to "do his job" properly, he needs to make sure he doesn't risk giving any questionable decisions against Chelsea.

Mourinho is obviously getting a bit twitchy now that strikerless Manchester City are breathing down Chelsea's necks. But there's not a lot to worry about with this rock-solid Blues outfit and whether Swarbrick bricks it or not, I expect Chelsea to get the better of Stoke in this one.

Hopefully backing them won't be the first in a series of bad decisions which wreck my Monday.